When will I get paid?

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Prize payout will be processed every wednesday.

To process the payout, you can go to your profile and click on the tab ‘Withdrawal‘.

In the withdrawal section, you can check on your balance. The balance is the amount of payout that you can request from the contests that you have won or from your affiliate. After you have registered your BCA/Mandiri account, you can click on the ‘Payout Request’ button. You can only click on the ‘Payout Request’ button once until the payout has been processed.

After the payout will be processed by our internal team. The deadline for payout process for designers will be at 12.00 pm every wednesday. When a designer do ‘Payout Request’ after 12.00 pm on wednesday, the payout will be processed the following wednesday

After a successfull payout, the payment will be received by the requesting designer the next day.