What types of files do I need to upload to Sribu Design Store?

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You are required to upload the following files:

1. Thumbnail

This file will be displayed on the Design Store Product Gallery
File size: 200px x 200px
Size: max. 500 KB
Extensions accepted: .JPG / .JPEG .PNG

2. Preview

A preview of the file master will be displayed to showcase your design in more detail once a client clicks to view your product.
File size: 500px x free height
Size: max. 500 KB
Extensions accepted: .JPG / .JPEG .PNG

3. File Master

A file master will be downloaded and modified once a client has purchased your design.
Size: max. 20 MB
Extensions Accepted:: .AI 
Other files: folder font, folder image stock, readme.txt (guide to install font, etc.)
All files must be compressed and uploaded with the extention .ZIP


Please take note of the following Terms & Conditions of your Preview File and File Master:

  • Your design template must be a dummy (does NOT include corporate logos or actual information).
  • You MUST indicate modifiable sections by labeling: Insert logo here, Insert text here, etc.
  • Your design may NOT appear with a simple background, but must have vectors, icons, or any supporting design elements.
  • If you choose to utilize image stock or specific fonts, DO include them in your file master folder.

How to upload your files:

Contoh File Thumbnail

E.g: File Thumbnail

Contoh File Preview

E.g: File Preview