What type of designs can I order from Sribu.com and how much does it cost?

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There are 20 different design and naming categories that can be ordered in Sribu.com. It consists of:

Starting at Rp. 1.500.000,00

  • Stationery (business card, letterhead and envelope).
  • Banner Ads (web banner and event banner).
  • Label design (graphic to be printed in the existing clothing or product).
  • T-shirt design (graphic to be printed in a T-shirt).
  • Poster design (2 posters for contest submission).
  • Flyer/Brochure (flyer/brochure design only, front and back).

Starting at Rp. 2.500.000,00

  • Logo (logo design only).
  • Invitation design (event invitation card).
  • Packaging design (graphic to be printed in the existing packaging).
  • Product (concept design of an item such as chair, table, bottle).
  • Mascot (character or mascot design only).
  • Naming (name of a company or tag-line only)

Starting at Rp. 3.500.000,00

  • Logo and Stationery (logo and stationery designs).
  • Simple web design (without coding, 2 pages for contest submission and max 8 pages after winning the contest).
  • Interior (concept of a room, a front image of a house, a booth).

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