What is Sribu.com?

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Sribu.com is an online marketplace where small business owners, entrepreneurs or big corporates can have their logo design, web design and other designs done in 7 days. Sribu.com gives clients access to a ‘virtual team’ of 30.000 graphic designers and design studios around Indonesia through a process called crowdsourcing. The concept is as simple as a contest, in which the client sets up a contest, and our community of designers competes to deliver their best design(s) to the client.

As a client, you can choose the best design amidst hundreds of design options by thousands of designers at a competitive price. In addition, we also provide a 100% money-back guarantee (*) as an effort to prevent our clients from encountering any forms of risk while using our service. However, our 100% money-back guarantee feature does not include posting fee.

On the other hand, by participating in contests in Sribu.com as a creative designer, you can build a better portfolio, improve your design skills, learn from other designers, work from home, and receive prizes by winning contests.