What do the terms open, winner pending, file transfer, and closed in each of the contests mean?

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A contest in Sribu.com normally runs for 7 days long (unless the client chooses the Fast Track/Extended Contest feature). During that certain period, the contest will have an “Open” status, allowing designers to start submitting their designs. The remaining time of a contest can be seen on the contest page.

At the end of the contest period, the “Open” status will be changed to “Winner Pending” for 3 days. This status allows client to consider and pick a winner. If the client has not selected a winner within the duration given, the prize will be given to 4 designer(s) whose work is marked the highest (rated with stars in each design). If there are no rated, the admin will select the 4 random winners.

After the winner is selected, the contest would be turned into “File Transfer” period for 5 days. In this period, the winning designer must give the original file to you and you may ask for small revisions to the designer. After “File Transfer” is done, the contest would be “Closed” automatically.