My contest has ended. What is next?

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Once the contest ends:

  • The Client (Contest Holder) will appoint one (or more) winning design(s) by using the select winner button that appears on each design. Once the winner has been appointed, the contest holder cannot change his/her decision. Furthermore, the winning designer(s) will be notified via email and through the contest page. ​
  • Afterwards, the contest holder and the winning designer(s) will have a new tab in the contest page, which is a “FILE TRANSFER” button. Click on the button to continue.​
  • Before the file transfer takes place, both the contest holder and winners must provide a testimony and agree to the Copyright Transfer Agreement; Both parties will be given the opportunity to chat privately (Considering both contest holders and designers may not be online at the same time, we advise both parties to be patient, and stay focused to monitor the response of the other party; This whole process usually takes 2-3 days).​
  • At this stage, the contest holder will be given 5 days to make any minor revisions. Once the contest holder receives the design file in the required format, he/she may close the Design Transfer Process, and give their consent for the prize to be transferred to the winner(s).​
  • The Client will have to click on the close contest button which declares that the file transfer process has been finalized, and authorize to transfer the payment to the winner(s).