I would like to sell designs in Sribu Design Store, what should I do?

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Please follow the instructions below to upload your designs:

  1. Login to your designer account in Sribu.com
  2. Click on the tab ‘Design Store‘ located in your profile
  3. Click ‘Submit a New Design’
  4. Choose the category you wish to upload (only Flyer and Brochure is available in the Design Store at the moment)
  5. Select the industry that best suits your design theme
  6. Select the type of Flyer / Brochure you wish to submit
  7. Upload all required files
  8. Read all of Sribu Design Store‚Äôs Terms & Conditions. If you agree and wish to proceed, click inside the checkbox to indicate that ‘I agree to the following Terms
  9. Select ‘Submit Design

Your submission will be processed and reviewed by our Design Team for approximately 7 working days.