I want to buy additional designs in a contest, what is the procedure and how much does it cost?

If you are planning to buy lots of designs, you should choose the ‘Bulk Order’ feature when you create the contest. With the ‘Bulk Order’ feature you can get more designs from our designer community. You can buy additional designs in a contest after the contest ends. After the contest ends, there will be a ‘Buy Design’ button which appears below each of the submitted designs. When you click on the button, you will receive an invoice which you have to pay before getting the design. As per 18/11/2012, we have a new policy in place! We have implemented a fixed price for additional designs that you wish to purchase. Please take note that you can purchase an unlimited amount of additional designs, even 100 designs or more.

Update as of 25/3/2013: Additional winners do not need to provide revisions to his winning designs.

Below is the new list of prices:

Runner-up Price

Payments can be made to this account after you receive your invoice:

Transfer via ATM BCA or KlikBCA to a virtual account:

  • ATM BCA: 178 305 9910 – PT Sribu Digital Kreatif
  • ATM Mandiri: 126 000 997 5599 – PT Sribu Digital Kreatif