I am interested in creating a design contest, but I am afraid there won’t be any designs I like?

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Again, you don’t need to worry. If you are not satisfied by the results and decide to not choose a winner, then we will give you a refund (minus the posting fee) no later than 2×30 business days after the Winner Pending period expires. Refund will be made through a bank transfer to the client’s account.

(*)The 100% Money Back Guarantee system applies to all design categories, except for web design, booth design, interior design and calendar design. If the client gets less than 15 designs for website, interior, company profile, mobile app, calendar, mascot, product, infographic, packaging, and ‘other’ or 50 designs for other categories per contest AND no design that he/she likes, then the client is entitled to 100% Money Back Guarantee minus the posting fee of Rp 250.000,- (USD 25.9) (fees for premium features such as confidential contest, private contest, extended and fast track cannot be refunded.)