How does the winning selection and prize transfer process occur in

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The winning designer is selected by the client (Contest Holder). The winning designer will get 80% from the total package minus posting fee. The remaining 20% will be given to as transaction fee.

Starting from 25/4/2013, designer’s payment will be using a new payout system. The new payout system is accessible from designer’s profile account and allows designer to view their earnings and balance. Designer can click on the ‘withdrawal’ tab to withdraw their balance earning.

All payments released to designers will be subjected to PPH fee of 3 % of the winning prize. Designer is required to have BCA or Mandiri account registered in their’s profile in order to process the payment. does not process payments to any other banks aside from BCA or Mandiri. All payments will be processed every Thursday, but the payment request should be happened before Wednesday 12 PM (WIB). If your payment request occurs on Wednesday after 12 PM (WIB), your payment will be processed next week’s Thursday.

The minimum balance for payment request is Rp. 500.000, – , if your earnings is less than Rp. 500.000,- you will not be able to do payment request. To get additional information regarding payout request process, you can go to here.