How do I know when something is plagiarized?

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Plagiarism is always a debatable topic. We see similar logos at some point in our lives, but the companies that own both logos never sue each other for the similarity of their logos. We cannot theoretically determine what should be and what should not be considered plagiarism.

In the graphic design field, some of you might be familiar with the term “overused logo/concept”. Basically, it refers to logos using similar basic concepts.

Okay, to sum things up, let us break it down:

What is considered plagiarism in
A design that is more than 95% similar with an existing design (within or outside is considered plagiarism, especially if an apparent evidence of a plagiarized work is found. This is determined by the use of font, color, shape, and brand identity.

What is NOT considered plagiarism:
Similar concepts ARE acceptable (e.g: creating a green, minimalistic vector of leaf for a nature-based corporation → it’s a concept. This particular concept might be commonly found in a logo contest for a nature-based corporation).

Since this is issue is often debated, feel free to consult us – Sribu staff – or have a direct consultation with the contest holder. We can assist you to avoid plagiarism as far as we can. In a contest, the regulations of what is and what is not considered plagiarism is the contest holder’s decision, since he/she has the right to choose a winner.

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