What types of files do I need to upload to Sribu Design Store?

You are required to upload the following files: 1. Thumbnail This file will be displayed on the Design Store Product Gallery File size: 200px x 200px Size: max. 500 KB Extensions accepted: .JPG / .JPEG / .PNG 2. Preview A preview of the file master will be displayed to showcase your design in more detail once a client … Continue Reading »

What is my commission fee for the sales I make at the Design Store?

For all purchases at Sribu’s Design Store, designers will receive 40% commission for each sale and 80% commission for each revision. Refer to the table below for more information on designer’s commissions. Flyer & Brochure     Upload your designs to Sribu Design Store now!

What categories are available for sale in Sribu Design Store?

The following design categories available for sale at Sribu Design Store are: Flyer & Brochure You may upload any of the following types of flyers & brochures: Flyer 1 page (one-sided/back-to-back) 1-Fold/2 page Brochure (1x fold, back-to-back) 2-fold/ 3 page Brochure (2x fold, back-to-back)   Are you a designer? Upload your designs to Sribu Design … Continue Reading »

What is the difference between Single-License and Multi-License?

Sribu Design Store provides 2 kinds of licenses for a transference of ownership from the designer to the customer, as explained below: 1. Single License A design that is purchased with a Single-License, or private-license will transfer the copyright ownership fully to the customer. If your first customer has purchased your design with a Single-License, … Continue Reading »