How do I know when something is plagiarized?

Plagiarism is always a debatable topic. We see similar logos at some point in our lives, but the companies that own both logos never sue each other for the similarity of their logos. We cannot theoretically determine what should be and what should not be considered plagiarism. In the graphic design field, some of you … Continue Reading »

What is a Runner Up?

In a contest, there will only be one winner whose design will be bought by the client. However, in the occasion that the client needs more than one design, the client will choose additional winners. This additional winner is called a Runner Up. If you are selected as the Runner Up, you will get prizes … Continue Reading »

My design won a contest, what should I do next?

After you win a contest, you will find a new file transfer page in the contest you won. Click on it and sign the copyright transfer agreement by writing your first and last name in the provided space. After that, you have to transfer the master file to the client. The master file varies according … Continue Reading »

Why can’t I see the winning entries in some contests?

You can’t see the winning entries in some contests because the contest is labeled as confidential contest. Confidential contest is a feature chosen by the client when first creating the contest which allows only the client to see all the design submissions from the beginning to the end of contest.

Why is the gallery hidden in some contests?

The gallery in some of the contests is hidden because the contest is labelled as confidential or private. The client selects the private and confidential features when he/she first creates the contest.

Why do I see eliminated designs in some contests?

There are two types of eliminated designs: Client elimination: Client eliminates designs that are totally different from what is being requested in the creative brief. Sribu’s elimination: eliminates designs that violate the designer code of conduct.

I have uploaded my design. What should I do now?

You can ask for feedback from the client in the comments below the gallery contest. If you are lucky enough, you will be rated by the client which will allow you one additional slot (chance) to submit new designs if you receive more than 3 stars. Use the available slots as efficiently as you can … Continue Reading »

Can I submit two different designs in one slot?

No, you are not allowed to submit two different designs in one slot. You can upload four pictures of your work in a one slot ONLY if it is in different colorizations (like black and white, grayscale, blue color scheme, etc). No change in design elements and placements are allowed.

May I upload the same concept to multiple contests simultaneously?

No, uploading a concept to multiple contests simultaneously is prohibited. You may upload your not winning concept to another contest, after the not winning contest is closed. If you violate this rule, your account would be warned. Then, if you do it again, our operation team will suspend your account.