How to make a payment using PayPal?

1. Select ‘PayPal’ Select Paypal as your payment method.   2. Click ‘Complete Order’ Choose ‘Complete Order’, and it will direct you to PayPal website.   3. Click ‘Pay’ below Fill your credit card information and other information. If it already complete, click ‘Pay’.

What does Money Back Guarantee system mean? will fully refund the prize (100% Money Back Guarantee) to ensure that the client (Contest Holder) gets the design solution with fullest satisfaction and zero risk. The 100% Money Back Guarantee system applies to all design categories, bronze, silver and gold packages. For all categories except for website, interior, company profile, mobile app, calendar, … Continue Reading »

What are the payment options in ?

We provide methods of payment as follows: ATM BCA: 178 305 9910 – PT Sribu Digital Kreatif ATM Mandiri: 126 000 997 5599 – PT Sribu Digital Kreatif Credit Card (Mastercard and Visa) Paypal Once you create a contest, you will get an Invoice stating that you have to make a payment via one of … Continue Reading »

How much does each of the packages cost?

The cost of each package is shown in the price list below. Starting 18/11/2012, for each of the package, will charge Rp 250.000 (USD 25.9) as a posting fee and 20% transaction fee.   *Posting Fee has been included in the pricing.