When will I receive my reward ?

Processing of an affiliate transaction can take up to 10 business days. You will be able view your reward in your account after this period. To receive your payout via bank transfer, you will need to request a payout. A minimum payout of USD $20 is applicable.

Why aren’t my referrals appearing on my Affiliate Corner page?

Your visitors/ referrals will need to have cookies enabled on their web browser throughout the entire process so that we can track them. If there are no cookies enabled, unfortunately there will be no referral reward. It is the responsibility of the affiliate and their referrals to ensure cookies are enabled on their web browser. … Continue Reading »

Will all my referrals be eligible for a reward?

The referral must meet all of the following criteria: The customer must arrive at Sribu’s website via an eligible affiliate link​ Only the first completed purchase is counted for a reward, subsequent purchases for the same customer is not eligible If all of the above criteria are not met, unfortunately you will not be eligible … Continue Reading »

How much will I get for each referral ?

Your reward will be based on our reward tier system. The more you successfully refer, the more you will receive for each referral. Simple! Between 1 – 9 referrals, you will receive $15.96 for each referral Between 10 – 19 referrals, you will receive $21.28 for each referral Greater than 20 referrals, you will receive … Continue Reading »